Search Engine - stream sense

Monetize with Player

In build IMA SDK to play Video Ads at Pre-roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll within your content to start Monetizing, Use VAST Tags to serve google Ads or third party Ads easily.

Recommendation Engine

Give recommendation to users based on their interest, Topics and consumption history. Users will get auto recommendations on what to play next.

Search Engine

Provide best search results as per Title, Category, Garner, etc. when user search for specific content on your platform. Also showcase trending content next to the search results.

Live Streaming

Connect player with a streaming server and real time protocol (RTP), a real-time streaming protocol (RTSP), or a real-time transport control protocol (RTCP). Also, with cloud based streaming service.

Consumption Analytics

Keep a complete track of your content consumption with play tracking for video and audio. Get the detailed data report of consumption in terms of Title, Category, Garner and Users in seconds, Minutes or Hours.

Player Customization

Customize your player look and feel as per requirement for better user experience with controls like Progress Bar, Volume, Full-screen and Responsive styling.