Resources - Stream Sense

Get insights on user engagement across metrics like session duration, user behavior etc.

Data Center

You get the speediest DDoS mitigation of Terabit Scale Attacks through our 24x7 SOC along with time-to-mitigate SLA. This reduces business risks posed by DDoS attacks. We also maintain the availability of Internet-facing applications.

Custom-build As Your Need

Create an OTT app that has exceptional features such as a formidable player in the backend dashboard that you can custom build as per content requirements!

Video CMS

Seamlessly built features allow you to upload content and manage it fluidly with video content management solution.

Marketing With OTT Videos

Draw In Viewers And Improve Engagement On Your Platform

Targeted Metadata

Make your content stand apart from the rest by creating unique metadata. From just one place, you can change metadata for multiple platforms and increase promotion to heighten discovery.


Enhance local relevance and optimize advertising by providing targeted ads based on the user’s location. Have better ROI and minimize wasted impressions.

Social Integration

Make the best use of social media by notifying social media endpoints with in-streams video previews and action button making it easy for users to share.